TripAdvisor Show: Lars Holzman Talks About Their Software Engineering Roles

Lars Holzman, Director of Engineering for TripAdvisor talks to us about creating an engineering hub for the company here in Ireland. We also discuss their latest software engineering jobs in Dublin along with what to expect during the interview process. TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel advice site, operating in 38 countries worldwide. It carries reviews of hotels and locations all over the world, including traveler photographs as well as many other services. Lars (r) is pictured here with Cathal Grogan, MD of Verify Recruitment and NewJobRadio.


“TripAdvisor is always excited about talking about the high-quality jobs we are bringing to Ireland for top engineers. We see this podcast as a unique way to get our message out directly to those engineers.”

Lars Holzman, Director of Engineering

You can apply directly for a senior role here.

Date:April 2014

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