TapaStreet Show: Dave Johnson, Co-Founder & COO Talks About Their Developer Roles

Dave Johnson, Co-Founder & COO is in the studio with us. Tapastreeet are an exciting Irish startup with a great story to tell. Dave also talks about their latest Senior Developer, Front End Developer and Digital Imaging Developer roles.

“When we needed to expand our Developer team with a number of senior and junior roles, we turned to NewJobRadio to help get the message out. We knew that NewJobRadio reached our target audience and the format of the show allowed us to give a much broader picture of life in Tapastreet and the opportunities we had, than we could have achieved in a traditional jobs listing. Will and the whole team at Verify have been a pleasure to work with and the level of support and engagement they provided is second-to-none.”

Date:December 2014

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