CurrencyFair Show: CTO Paul Phillips Tells Us Why CurrencyFair Is a Great Place To Work

Paul Phillips (CTO) and Ben Geoghegan (HR Manager) from CurrencyFair dropped in to talk to us about the great things the company is doing including the open roles they currently have. CurrencyFair is an online foreign exchange marketplace that enables people to avoid foreign exchange rate charges from banks. The idea is simple: set up an online service that allows people who need to exchange currency do so without a middleman (a bank). So, join us on NewJob Radio and hear about the latest positions they are looking to fill over the coming months.


“NewJobRadio provided us with a great alternative to job listings, which we believe will benefit CurrencyFair by bringing in candidates who aren’t necessarily listed elsewhere.”

Paul Phillips, Chief Technology Officer

Date:February 2014

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