Sarah Halpin

GiftPulse Show: Ryan Dardis, Co-Founder and CEO Speaks About Their Startup

Joining us this week is Ryan Dardis, Founder & CEO at GiftPulse. Ryan speaks to us about how the company was formed and also discusses the CTO and Developer requirements they have.

GiftPulse is a new Irish startup that provides an innovative way for people to send gifts regardless of their location via their new Social Media App.

Tune in and learn more about the company’s expansion plans!

FireEye Show: Tom Keating, MD Discusses Their Latest Engineering Roles

Tom Keating, Managing Director of Ireland R&D Operations and Senior Director of Engineering joins us in the studio.

FireEye are world leaders in cyber security and acquired Mandiant in December 2013.

Tom updates us on the changes within the company since their last appearance on the show in 2012 when he was with Mandiant and also talks to us about some of the fantastic engineering roles he has.

Creme Global Show: Oonagh Meighan, Head of HR & Operations Talks About Their Executive Roles

Oonagh Meigan, Head of HR & Operations joins us in the studio.

Creme Global, leaders in developing cloud based software in the area of predictive intake modelling, have gathered unique data sets on consumer habits, practices, consumption and chemical occurrence from all over the world.

Oonagh updates us on the changes within the company since their last appearance on the show in 2012 along with the opening for Head of Software Engineering.

TapaStreet Show: Dave Johnson, Co-Founder & COO Talks About Their Developer Roles

Dave Johnson, Co-Founder & COO is in the studio with us. Tapastreeet are an exciting Irish startup with a great story to tell. Dave also talks about their latest Senior Developer, Front End Developer and Digital Imaging Developer roles.

E-Mit Solutions Show: Eamon Moore, M.D. Talks To NewJobRadio

Eamon Moore, Managing Director of E-Mit Solutions joins us to discuss the latest IT Solutions careers available. E-Mit Solutions are leaders in the field of IT Consultancy, IT Security and Cloud Computing in Ireland.