Sarah Halpin

KantanMT Show: CEO Tony O’Dowd Talks About Their Recruitment Drive

Tony O’Dowd is the CEO of KantanMT who featured on our show with Eric Chubb in November 2013. KantanMT transforms how Localisation Service Providers work with Machine Translation technology. Leveraging the flexibility, security, convenience and economics of the cloud, KantanMT provides a powerful, yet easy to use Machine Translation platform to the localisation sector.

CurrencyFair Show: CTO Paul Phillips Tells Us Why CurrencyFair Is a Great Place To Work

Paul Phillips (CTO) and Ben Geoghegan (HR Manager) from CurrencyFair dropped in to talk to us about the great things the company is doing including the open roles they currently have. CurrencyFair is an online foreign exchange marketplace that enables people to avoid foreign exchange rate charges from banks. The idea is simple: set up an online service that allows people who need to exchange currency do so without a middleman (a bank). So, join us on NewJob Radio and hear about the latest positions they are looking to fill over the coming months.

SumUp Show: Country Manager Tom O’Reilly Discusses SumUp Ireland’s Plans

Tom O’Reilly, Country Manager for SumUp Ireland came in to talk to us about the future of SumUp in Ireland and to discuss the hiring process they have. SumUp is a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) startup that is designed to let merchants easily accept debit and credit card payments via their smartphone or tablet.

Qstream Show: Louella Morton from Qstream Tells Us About Their Unique Story

Louella Morton, VP International Sales & General Manager Qstream in Ireland tells us about their plans for creating a major European Hub right here in Dublin. She also talks to us about the roles she is looking to fill along with what jobseekers can expect during the interview process. Qstream, which provides mobile sales enablement and analytics for driving high-performance teams, addresses the issue of ensuring reps are equipped to have value-added conversations with their clients. Easy to use and clinically proven to increase knowledge retention, its real-time data lets managers proactively measure and manage team capabilities. Listen to the podcast now to hear more.

Fleetmatics Show: Mick Arkins & Paul Walsh Share The Fleetmatics Story

Mick Arkins HR Manager and Paul Walsh Head of Software Development at Fleetmatics join us in the studio to talk about the great career opportunities available. The company is a leading global provider of GPS tracking systems for small and medium-sized businesses delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS).Their solutions offer real-time insight into vehicle activity that reduces operational costs and improves customer service. Fleetmatics serves more than 15,000 customers, tracking more than 281,000 vehicles worldwide, and is adding thousands of vehicles monthly. Its SaaS and mobile application gives businesses anytime access to real-time data about their business.

Converser Show: Oisin Hurley, CTO & Co-Founder Talks About Their Latest Roles

Oisin Hurley, CTO & Co-Founder joins us to discuss how the explosive growth in smartphone adoption led to the formation of the company, the growth of Converser and the current open roles including Mobile Developer and Infrastructure Operations Lead.

Converser provide an easy way for brands to communicate with their App users so they can increase customer engagement, revenue and create long term success for their mobile applications.

TripAdvisor Show: Lars Holzman Talks About Their Software Engineering Roles

Lars Holzman, Director of Engineering for TripAdvisor talks to us about creating an engineering hub for the company here in Ireland. We also discuss their latest software engineering jobs in Dublin along with what to expect during the interview process. TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel advice site, operating in 38 countries worldwide. It carries reviews of hotels and locations all over the world, including traveler photographs as well as many other services. Lars (r) is pictured here with Cathal Grogan, MD of Verify Recruitment and NewJobRadio.

vRide Show: James Shields Talks About their UX Development Roles

James Shields, Director of Web Development at vRide Ireland joins us in the studio. James explains to us the history behind the company and why they are setting up an Irish office in Cork along with a number of the interesting UI/UX development roles available.

vRide has been serving commuters for over 30 years in the US and is a market leader in their field. The company provides van-pooling as an alternative means of transportation for commuters that allows people to save time and money. Tune in and learn more about the company’s expansion plans!

Brite:Bill Show

In the NewJobRadio studio this week on we have Alan Coleman, Co-Founder & CEO at Brite:Bill.

Alan is talking about Brite:Bill’s history; how they have gone global and will be discussing their open Software Engineering & Product Management roles.

Brite:Bill provides customer communications software which enhances their client’s existing billing systems with the objective of improving customer experience.

Solgari Show: Ed Grant, CFO Talks About Their Sales & Pre-Sales Roles

Joining us this week is Ed Grant, CFO at Solgari. Ed explains to us how the company is transforming the Cloud Telecoms industry along with discussing the Sales and Pre-Sales roles available.

Solgari provides intelligent, integrated Cloud Telecommunications services globally, opening up a world of possibilities for their corporate customers.

Tune in and learn more about the company’s expansion plans!