Podcasting for Talent Attraction

From Podcasts. To Conversations


How can you stand out from the crowd and convert passive candidates to interested ones?

How can you cut through all the noise so that your brand and your opportunities connect with the right talent?

How can you help reduce pressures to the business, talent team and hiring managers when recruitment can’t match demands and business goals suffer?


Reach your target talent pool in an engaging manner with the right information!

Help your target candidates  gain a clear understanding of what it is like to work in  your company.

Give your candidates personal stories from real people in your company, build trust and provide a real insight into the day to day and employee experience

Podcasts are personal, accessible, and engaging and enable you to promote the voices of real people. 


Talent and employer brand leaders are recognising the importance of stories.

It is no longer enough to provide a flat description of the roles and skills required for a job but instead companies must look to share the day to day and the culture and environment of a company.

Some of the biggest companies in the world are going all in on podcasts from Spotify, Google and Apple. Meanwhile, Netflix have placed podcasts as a cornerstone of their Talent and HR strategy with great success. Let your company be next!



Get metrics on podcast listenership and begin measuring your brand awareness

Record Anywhere

In the world of remote, our cloud based recording platform means you can be anywhere in the world

Reduce pressure

Open conversations with candidates you weren't able to engage before

Listen Anywhere

Candidates can listen on any device or channel, on their commute, on their lunchbreak, anytime

Engage with a difference

Let the podcast be part of your outreach to candidates, stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise

Simplified Process

We make it easy for you - we provide the platform, we provide the host, we do the post production, you just bring your voice


It has never being easier to create authentic recruitment content