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In the NewJobRadio studio this week on we have Alan Coleman, Co-Founder & CEO at Brite:Bill. Alan is talking about Brite:Bill’s history; how they have gone global and will be discussing their open Software Engineering & Product Management roles. Brite:Bill provides customer communications software which enhances their client’s existing billing systems with the objective of improving customer experience.
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“We were delighted to be asked to come and speak to NewJobRadio about the exciting roles we have available in Brite:Bill. It was very valuable to get the opportunity to frame these roles in the context of where Brite:Bill is as a company today and to also share our vision for how we plan to grow further. I believe the interview gave us the best platform for giving prospective candidates a real sense of who Brite:Bill is and why we are an exciting and rewarding place to work. ”

Alan Coleman, Co-Founder & CEO, Brite:Bill


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